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Gallup Employee Engagement Survey Begins August 6

  This is your opportunity to make your opinion count! 

The Gallup Employee Engagement survey is a way for you to improve your work environment!  It is a unique employee measurement program that is designed to measure the strength of your workplace and to work together to enhance employee engagement.  When you take the Gallup employee opinion survey, you’re improving your workplace by giving your input and helping to bring about changes that suit your needs.  Areas that are addressed are relationship building, productivity, safety, and the quality of your workplace. 

If you haven’t guessed it, the Gallup Employee Engagement survey is about YOU!  Your opinion will only be heard if you take the survey.  The survey consists of about 20 questions and can be completed in 7 minutes or less. Your responses are completely confidential and cannot be tracked in any way to you.

When you participate in the Gallup Employee Engagement survey, you not only help to build a better workplace, you also improve your chances of winning AMH Event Great America Tickets*.  All employees of departments with 90% or better participation in the survey will be entered into a raffle to win a pair of tickets.

Your opinions count!  Let them be heard!

Voice YOUR opinion during the Employee Engagement survey from August 6 – August 27, 2006.

* Tickets good only for the Adventist Midwest Health Great America Event on
September 24, 2006
A total of 30 tickets will be raffled.