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Specialized Therapy


Social Group

  • Group activities with socialization as the main objective
  • Generally run by an occupational and speech therapist

Feeding Therapy

  • Multi-disciplinary treatment approach
  • Assess oral motor skills and feeding needs
  • Sensory based feeding (SOS approach)
  • Exploration of feeding utensils and feeding progression (purees to semi-soft etc)

Intensive Therapy

  • Use the Universal Exercise Unit
  • Several treatments per week for 1.5-2 hours
  • Uses pulley systems
  • Uses a suspension system to help with standing etc

Universal Exercise Unit

The Paulson pediatric therapists are excited to introduce the newest piece of therapy equipment to our clinic, the Universal Exercise Unit (UEU). The UEU is a large metal three-dimensional cage housing a system of pulleys and bungees that treats a variety of patients. Read more and learn about the exciting benefits of this new equipment. 

Therapeutic Listening

  • Provided by specially trained therapists
  • Modualted music to assist with organizing behavior, self-regulation, and motor planning
  • Helps with coordination, language, and other tasks

Aquatic Therapy

  • Use the laws of buoyancy to assist with movement
  • Helps to strengthen core muscles
  • Promotes relaxation of tight muscles
Children with any of the following MAY benefit from Pool Therapy:
  • Traumatic Injuries
  • Spasticity/ Tight muscles
  • Orthopedic issues
  • Poor quality of movement on land
  • Poor breath support on land

Pilates Group

  • Group atmosphere effective for some children
  • Helps increase core musculature strength
  • Certified Pilates instructor

Interactive Metronome

  • Provided by specially trained therapists
  • Uses computerized program to help children with coordination tasks
  • Assists with motor planning, attention, and sequencing