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Imaging Survey

Adventist Imaging Network Patient Opinion Survey

Please check the box for the service you received, location service was rendered and then select a response from each drop-down box that best represents your opinion regarding the corresponding statement on the left.

I was able to get an appointment in an acceptable time frame.

The receptionist was courteous and helpful during my visit.

My privacy was respected throughout my entire experience.

The facilities were clean and comfortable.

The clinical staff were courteous and provided excellent instructions during my visit.

I was taken on time for my appointment. 

If answer to previous question was three or below please rate the following: The delay was adequately explained to me.

Each staff member introduced themselves, explained their role in my care, answered my questions and thanked me for using Adventist Midwest Health.

Why did you choose Adventist Midwest Health?

I would recommend Adventist Midwest Health to friends/family.

I would return to Adventist Midwest Health.