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Junior Board Leadership


Leadership -
Opportunities to Serve

  • Service to the hospital and community

  • Hold elective office

  • Chair or serve on committees

    Leaders are required to attend monthly meetings one half hour before
    General Meetings.

    Junior Board Officers

  • Active Co-President:  Charlie Dumon
                Incoming Co-President: Sofia Sorrentino

    Active Co-Vice-President:      Gabriela Brewer
               Incoming Co-Vice-President:      Kevin Ryan

    Treasurer:     Emma Sorrentino

    Active Chief Operating Officer:  Hope Atkinson      
                Incoming- Operating Officer:    Mike Cleary

    Secretary:     Anna Keefe

    * * *
    Communications/Social Media:    Kevin Kumar

Historian/Photographer:    Betsy Keefe
Spiritual Leader:     Megan Ng
Senior Send Off Chair:   Mike Cleary

Service Projects

Mission Trip Supplies:
                 Joey Geraghty, Kevin Kumar, Colum O'Brien

Hinsdale Family Medicine:    
                 Margaret O'Brien, Colum O'Brien 

Blanket Project for NICU:

                 Sarah Zidell

Rooney Run:

                 Patrick Enochs, Justin Enochs, Sophia Diamontakos


Ice Cream Social:
                 Megan Gallagher, Bryn Latimer, Maddy Pollard, Sophia Diamontakos

Christmas Caroling:   
                 Belle Logue, Kayleigh Excell Mackenzie Turnbull 

Justin Enochs

Junior Board Parent Coordinators

Colleen Salvino-

JB Chairperson


Noella Brewer-

Hospital Activity Coordinator

Julie Potts

Event Coordinator


Elaine Cleary

Mom Coordinator


Janet Waring

Event Coordinator

Mom Helpers

Jennifer Lavins       Julie Dumon        Kay Sharples        Melanie Wuan