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Hinsdale Assembly Board

Welcome to the Hinsdale Assembly Board of the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation

For over fifty years the Hinsdale Assembly debutantes, honor guards, their parents, and the Assembly board members have worked to advance Adventist Hinsdale Hospital’s role in our community. An important component of the Hinsdale Assembly is service. Each class actively contributes to this lasting legacy of community service and leadership under the guidance of dedicated Assembly board members. We are indebted to each board member, past and present, who played a role in building this noteworthy heritage.

2018 Assembly Board  Chair

Rebecca Metz Mavon

Our Philanthropic Heritage

Ours is a heritage that includes an amazing catalog of gifts for hospital improvements over the decades. From the 1960’s cutting-edge cobalt therapy machine to today’s digital mammography equipment, the Assembly’s philanthropy has advanced the Hospital’s technological expertise.

The Assembly has also helped sustain the spiritual side of our hospital’s healing mission. A commitment to the whole person – body, mind, and spirit – is reflected in the Hinsdale Assembly Wellness Garden at the Hospital, created with an Assembly gift and designed to give respite to patients, visitors, and staff alike.

Our most recent contribution to the Hospital facilitated an ideal post-surgical healing environment and is recognized in the naming of The Hinsdale Assembly Board Surgical Unit on the third floor in the Hospital’s new Koplin Pavilion.

Our newest pledge was a 10-year million-dollar commitment to the New Cancer Center which we are proud to have completed in only five years.

We are grateful to all of the families who have helped us support the advancements of the Hinsdale Hospital.