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Generosity Heals Stories


Have you noticed?


Something remarkable happens when we reflect on the people around us and all that they dream, attempt, and accomplish.
We see that at the core of it all is their generosity, and we see how that generosity heals.
Come along as we celebrate who we are and what we give – as individuals, as a hospital, and as a community. Email your generosity story to us today at


Some recent stories of generosity shared with the Foundation


A very elderly man’s dying wish was to die at home rather than a nursing home. He had only one son who was too far away to help make this possible - so the hospital staff reached for us to see if we could provide home care to this man to make his wish come true.  Of course, we could and did - because we believe if generosity cannot always heal the body, it can certainly heal the spirit.

A staff member recently enlisted the help of some 8th grade students to lift the spirits of a patient in need of encouragement with cards that contained news, jokes and lots of messages of hope. Later the exuberant artwork a group of 1st graders created helped another patient celebrate completing six weeks of radiation treatments.




A Hinsdale family donated AED (automatic external defibrillator) devices to the Hinsdale Police Department, and their generosity has saved lives. Most recently a Hinsdale officer successfully used the device on an accident victim, prompting this email from Deputy Chief Mark Wodka: "Since their donation, this is at least the third time one of our AED devices was used in a resuscitation with a positive medical outcome."  The patient was brought to Adventist Hinsdale Hospital for treatment and recovery.

A ten-year-old who began his days in our hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit saved to make a gift of a comfortable rocking chair for parents who are sitting in the NICU with their own fragile young babies.


A woman in our hospital family travels over 500 miles each spring to tend the graves of her late husband's ancestors, including that of a Civil War veteran, and to visit his elderly relatives.


A staff member makes a gift to support the hospital's nursing education fund, saying,"Working here has opened my eyes to all that philanthropy can do."


Every year a mother gives thanks for her healthy grown boys as she stands in traffic with others collecting funds for a charity that helps disadvantaged children.


 The executor of a woman's estate notes the bequestor saved selflessly to ensure she could make a gift to Hinsdale Hospital that would enable us "to continue to prolong and improve the lives of our cancer patients" as we did over the 13 years of her own illness.

In each of these stories we are reminded that we are witnessing the healing power of generosity.


Thank you all for helping us sustain and extend the healing care of Adventist Hinsdale Hospital and Adventist St. Thomas Hospice