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FAQs: AMITA Health & Your Philanthrophy

Read a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding Philanthropy and AMITA Health

Why is the name of Adventist Hinsdale Hospital being changed?

AMITA Health is a faith based health system formed by Adventist Midwest Health and Alexian Brothers Health System. The AMITA Health partnership was formed in February 2015 as a Joint Operating Company (JOC). The JOC allows us to work in unison while preserving the Catholic and Adventist identities and mission priorities that define us.

Since the name of AMITA Health was announced in April, there has been work to create a new naming architecture for our hospitals, medical groups and institutes that comprise AMITA Health. The purpose of the new name is to create a more consistent set of names for entities that unify and identify the organization as AMITA Health. As we continue to create an integrated health system, it becomes important for everyone in the communities we serve to be able to identify AMITA Health facilities.

The brand unity under AMITA Health does not mean that the assets are now owned by AMITA Health. AMITA Health is the joint operating company that manages the assets of Alexian Brother Health System and Adventist Midwest Health, but has no ownership of either. All assets are retained by the Adventist and Alexian systems respectively.

Why did the names of the acute-care hospitals from Adventist Midwest Health change?

Across AMITA Health, all of the acute-care hospitals have been named “medical centers” to reflect the elevated care patients receive at these treatment centers. As a result the new name for Adventist Hinsdale Hospital will be: AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center, Hinsdale.

Does AMITA Health now own the Cancer Center?

The simple answer is NO. The Cancer Center remains an asset of Adventist Health System as it always has been. As referenced above, as a result of the Joint Operating Agreement, all Alexian Brothers Health System and Adventist Midwest Health entities will be branded as AMITA Health and as such, the branding of the new Cancer Center will be similar to the branding of the hospital and will be called AMITA Health Cancer Institute and Outpatient Center.

Won’t changing the names just confuse people?

Long-term, we don’t believe that will be the case. These names are forward-looking but still embrace the history of service and compassion we embody as a singular health system. Long term employees, as well as many medical staff members have received the name change very positively.

When will signage and other materials with logos change?

It won’t happen all at once – the changes will be phased in. The signage at select facilities will begin transitioning in late fall, and the process will continue into 2016 until all hospitals, medical centers, medical groups and institutes reflect the change.

What does this mean for the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation?

The foundations are tied to the legacy organizations, Adventist Midwest Health and Alexian Brothers Health System. They are separate entities independent from the new health system and will remain integrated with their respective hospitals. Dedicated funds will remain where donors intended them to be utilized, and the foundations will each continue their own separate and independent fundraising activities. Each foundation will continue to support their original entities.

Will Hinsdale Hospital Foundation change its name now that the Hospital’s name has changed?

There are no plans to change the name of the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation. The mission of the Foundation will remain the same, which is to maximize goodwill and philanthropy for our Hospital.

Does money donated for Hinsdale Hospital Foundation stay in our community?

Absolutely. Although the name on the medical center has changed as a result of our affiliation with Alexian Brothers Health System, the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation remains a separate legal entity from the joint operating company, AMITA Health, as well as from, AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center, Hinsdale. It is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization which has been in existence since 1984 and will retain its independent identity by using local philanthropy here. Hinsdale Hospital Foundation oversight is provided by a volunteer Board of Directors from our primary service area.

How is my gift used?

All donated funds are used exclusively for programs that have a direct, positive impact on the health and well-being of our community including advanced technology and facilities, renowned staff, medical innovations and to provide that differentiated experience. Each gift received – regardless of purpose or amount – is carefully processed to ensure that the donor(s)’s wishes are honored and that AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center, Hinsdale is the sole beneficiary of the donation.

May I direct my gift to a specific department or program at AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center, Hinsdale?

Yes, donors at any level may designate to a specific department or a fund supporting a program or project initiative that best matches their area of interest.

Why does AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center, Hinsdale need philanthropic support?

Operating margins for healthcare are typically small, and hospital needs are many. With the challenges of today’s healthcare environment, philanthropy is an important part of providing the increased margin needed for excellence. From rapidly changing technologies to decreases in reimbursements and nursing shortages, hospitals and healthcare organizations face many challenges.

Your support allows us to think in terms of possibilities instead of limitations and equips Hinsdale’s doctors, nurses and technicians to meet real needs that can make the ultimate difference, perhaps even in your life or the life of someone you love.

Our communities are a great places to live and work, and Hinsdale Hospital Foundation firmly believes that its neighbors, friends and families deserve nothing less than the best. To that end, there are two key questions we must ask, “What does it take to have the best healthcare possible?” and “What can I do to help?” Your gifts through Hinsdale Hospital Foundation result in saved lives and renewed hope.

What makes Hinsdale Hospital Foundation a good investment for my gift?

Every investment in a Hinsdale Hospital Foundation will directly support capital projects or programs at AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center, Hinsdale. It truly comes back to you and to your community. At the Hinsdale Hospital Foundation, your entire gift goes to support advances in healthcare for the hospital or program of your choice at this Hospital only.

Will my gift really make a difference?

Health care is expensive, requiring large budgets. But in today’s healthcare environment, every dollar spent results in only two to five cents that can be reinvested in making hospitals better. Your gift, on the other hand – because 100% goes to support the program of your choice, has a tremendous impact – especially when it is combined with support from hundreds of others in our local communities.