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New Day Center


Addiction involves an array of complex factors ranging from family and social issues to medical, environmental, vocational and psychological concerns. Established in 1978, New Day Center is one of the first chemical dependency programs in the western suburbs. Today the program continues to be recognized for its successful patient outcomes

Our Program

Our approach is holistic, designed to recognize and treat each individual’s physical, mental, social and spiritual needs. There are no one-size-fits all programs. We treat every patient as a unique individual and base therapy on a complete assessment of the person’s individual major life areas.

New Day Center helps patients’ transition from one level of treatment to the next. In addition to stabilizing a person in crisis, we offer plans of care that present each patient with the highest chance of long-term recovery. Each plan of care is developed with the input of the patient’s treatment and family.

Education for both patients and family is a key component of our program. For the patient, education is an important tool when it is coupled with motivational counseling and confrontation to break down the wall of denial that is typical of the person with an addiction. When family, partners and friends know as much as possible about the disease of addiction, they are more able to fully support the patient’s recovery.

When individuals enter treatment through the intervention of an employer or Employee Assistance Program, it’s important for employers to be involved as much as possible in the person’s return to work. New Day Center staff and counselors report Aftercare progress, drug screen results and attendance records to employers, as well as offer our comprehensive educational resources to employers.

Finally, we are committed to making treatment convenient and affordable. Most insurance companies cover the cost of treatment for chemical dependency. Our admissions staff is happy to verify insurance coverage or to work out an acceptable financial arrangement to meet your needs.

Treatment Options

Addiction is a progressive disease that affects every aspect of a person’s life, as well as the lives of his or her family, friends and even employers. Experience shows that the best way to help those dependent on alcohol, chemicals, gambling or other addiction is through a continuum of care that encourages new ways of interacting in relationships. Therapy is geared toward enabling patients to replace harmful patterns of behavior with trust, care and honesty.

In addition to a comprehensive medical detoxification, we offer both traditional and innovative outpatient programs.

  • Intervention: Facilitated by a professional,  Intervention allows the addicted person to hear others’ support and concerns, often the catalyst in the person acknowledging a need for help.
  • Medical Detoxification: Detoxification is a period of abstinence from the substance or activity that fuels addiction.
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): A daytime program which allows the patient to return home each evening. This type of program allows patients to confront the challenges of recovery with the support of a highly structured program.
  • Intensive Evening Outpatient Program (IOP): Allows patients who meet certain criteria to continue working during the day and participate in recovery through intensive evening sessions.
  • Aftercare: Returning to a sober lifestyle takes discipline and understanding.  It’s easy for the recovering patient to feel alone and frustrated while trying to build a new life without addiction. In fact, the first two years after treatment seem to be the most difficult, a time when individuals struggle with recovery and are more likely to relapse.

New Day Center’s Aftercare Two-Year Program offers continuing support without additional charge for patients who have completed treatment. Approximately 350 people attend Aftercare every week. Our Aftercare program is the most extensive in the Chicago area and more than 90 percent of our patients who complete Aftercare are sober at the end of the two years.

We encourage recovering patients to actively participate in the recovery of others. With special training, they volunteer to facilitate Aftercare groups, bringing their first hand understanding of the hopes, fears and needs of the individual in recovery.

Discovery group and family outings, planned on a monthly basis, enable recovering patients and their families to have fun in a sober environment. This group offers a safe place for creating a new life without exposure to alcohol, drugs or other addictive substances or activities.

We believe that recovering people need to learn how to have fun sober for long-term recovery.

For more information please call us at (630) 856-7701.