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Patient Letters

My mother was admitted to Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital through the emergency room and was admitted with multiple serious health issues. After tests were done, she was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. When it was determined that her condition was terminal, she asked that life support measures be abandoned and was moved to the second floor, where she received Hospice care until her death. I am writing to let you know how wonderful the nursing staff and support staff at Adventist Bolingbrook was throughout this most difficult time for our family. The time surrounding serious health problems is difficult and stressful all by itself, but the nursing staff, the CNA's, the employees who brought food and water (and coffee for my mom while she was still able to drink it) made a sad situation more bearable. They were not just professionally outstanding, but personally outstanding as well.

A Very Grateful Family

I have probably started this letter 10 times in the past two weeks and each time I write it, I come away with the feeling that I’ve missed something along the way or that my words do not convey the full weight of the gratitude I have in my heart for the people who cared for me while I was here at Bolingbrook.

I have worked here for almost four years. I have spent that time developing relationships with patients, family members, and most importantly, my fellow co-workers. I have come to admire and respect each of my team members for the talent and skill they bring with them to work every day. These individual talents and skills (not to mention heart) are similar to puzzle pieces – when you’re missing a piece of the puzzle, the puzzle remains unfinished, incomplete.

On January 30th, I found out first-hand what it really means to have every piece of the puzzle fit. While I was at work, I had a cardiac event that required a code blue response. Thank you does not suffice and saying that I am grateful doesn’t seem to cover what I actually feel inside. I am thankful, I am appreciative, and I am indebted to all of those who were a part of my care on that day and the following days. The main point here is that this huge menagerie of employees could not have operated as smoothly as they did if one was missing. Our staff worked together in a seamless fashion. Employees worked around each other and with each other and all the while were helping me to understand what was going on.

The outpouring of love that I received from the entire ABH community was overwhelming. I never knew how many people cared so much for me and I have been greatly humbled by the incredible gifts of love, prayer, and kind words written to me by so many.

So, in closing, I want to send out a huge (and I mean the biggest, the most enormous, most gigantic) thank you to all of ABH for everything you did for me and my family while I was in your care. You will always have my most sincere gratitude and I will never forget all of the kindnesses bestowed upon me by this amazing staff.

A Very Grateful Patient

I am writing to you to say "Thank You" and commend your staff for what I experienced at your hospital. I found myself experiencing shortness of breath and as one who has not had any health issues in over 15 years I failed to take it serious. I was able to acquire a prescription for a rescue inhaler, but as they day progressed I became worse and found myself in dire need of immediate emergency care in which the ambulance quickly delivered me to Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital!

I was given immediate relief and attention throughout the evening non-stop. . . . A few hours later I was told that I needed to be admitted. I resisted her suggestion. She said you should not leave and that scared me! I was taken to a single room and told the nurse I cannot afford a private room, and she whispered, "don't worry Miss, all the rooms are single rooms." As the days progressed I was surrounded by Adventist services from all departments, and I was mesmerized with the attention, caring and professionalism that overtook me! I was treated as though I were a celebrity! I shall never forget the experience, and I vow to support every fundraiser that Bolingbrook hosts.

I am so grateful that Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital was right here in my home town to help me!

A Very Grateful Patient