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By Julie Busch on 1/24/2015 11:10 AM

Our mission trip officially ended Friday, and now we must say goodbye to our new friends.

By Julie Busch on 1/22/2015 10:21 PM
Thursday started with a nail biting trip up the mountain to San Jose de Oriente.
By Julie Busch on 1/21/2015 11:02 PM
Armed guards in the pharmacy? We were well protected today!
By Julie Busch on 1/21/2015 10:29 PM

Wednesday is usually the day when we hit the wall, but not this time!

By Julie Busch on 1/20/2015 9:14 PM

A busy day  -- with people lined up around the building!

By Julie Busch on 1/20/2015 8:50 PM
Imagine seeing people from seven year ago in Honduras once again!
By Julie Busch on 1/19/2015 9:55 PM

Day two of our journey brought everything in pairs. It was a day of twos!

By Julie Busch on 1/19/2015 9:20 AM

After a long day of travel, we were revived with some power ....chicken, that is.

By Katherine on Thursday, January 15, 2015 3:49 PM
Follow along on our journey to Honduras, Jan. 18 - 25
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