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Family Experience

The Birth Center was created with you and your family in mind. The family experience begins with a caring department where the staff is like family, and we do all we can to create a homey atmosphere for our guests.

We offer luxurious Family Suites that have extra room for loved ones, as well as a DVD player to keep them entertained, a refrigerator for drinks and snacks, and a sleeper chair for Dad.

In addition to doing everything we can to make mother and baby comfortable and happy the Birth Center offers special privileges for Dads/significant others and extra attention and help for the siblings of the newborn.

For Dads/significant others we offer:

  • Unlimited Visiting Hours: Dad is welcome to come and go as necessary.
  • Stay the Night: Dad is welcome to stay the night. Our Family Suites provide a sleeper chair, so you both can be comfortable. You also can take advantage of a private bath and shower.