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Choosing a Sleep Center


Call 630-590-2331 to find a sleep physician or sleep lab closest to you or find out more information about sleep disorder treatment available at an Adventist Midwest hospital near you:

The Sleep Disorders Center: Comfortable and Safe

Our Sleep Disorder Centers offer home-like settings. Patients sleep in comfortable surroundings and are free to bring items from home making bedtime convenient and personalized.

Scheduling a Sleep Study is Simple

Referring Physicians can can fax orders for Sleep Studies to 888-753-5661. Patients can call to schedule a consult with a Sleep Physician by calling 630-590-2331.

The polysomnographers in our Sleep Centers are highly trained, each with more than 10 years of experience.

Sleep studies are interpreted by physicians certified in sleep medicine. Reports are available in less than a week. The report includes findings, diagnosis and recommendations from the Medical Sleep Specialists.

A good night's sleep is just a phone call away! 630-590-2331.

A Good Nights Sleep is Just a Phone Call Away, 630-590-2331

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