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Grief Recovery Support Group


Grief is the long, painful process of saying "good-bye" to the relationship we shared with someone or something of significant meaning to us. Like waves pounding on the seashore, grief can feel overwhelming -- it may feel like life will ever have meaning again. Adjustment to such a painful loss requires an investment of time and energy; usually at a time when our energy level is nearly exhausted.

The Healing Process

To encourage a renewing of energy after a painful loss, Adventist Midwest Health offers a six-week Grief Recovery Support Group. The group is facilitated by trained chaplains and members of the pastoral care team.  Participants will experience group support and kinship -- sharing with others often helps with the healing process.  Many have said this is the most valuable part of the support group.

Participants in the Grief Recovery Support Group will:

  • Experience sensitive, gentle and supportive caring in an environment of safety and confidentiality.
  • Develop an understanding of the grieving process - that healing comes through engaging the pain rather than avoiding it.
  • Learn that what you're experiencing is normal. You're not "going crazy," though at times you may feel that way.
  • Be given and opportunity to speak freely and openly, but only as much as you choose.
  • Be heard and received with compassion by knowledgeable, capable and experienced facilitators.
  • Learn effective ways to release pain by saying good-bye at your own pace.
  • Experience renewal and begin to engage life again.

Each group is limited to 20 people. The support group is conducted in a confidential, non-confrontational, friendly and informal manner. Feel free to dress casually and comfortably. The sharing of personal feelings is encouraged but never forced.

Please call Saint Thomas Hospice at 630-856-6990 for upcoming dates and locations.