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Patient Care Services


Primary Health Care

Physicians and staff of Adventist Midwest Geriatrics Specialists are dedicated to providing excellent medical care for the special needs of older adults.  This includes services you would expect in an outpatient medical office:

  • Drawing blood for lab work
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Coumadin monitoring
  • Consultation with family members and other medical specialists when needed.

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

Team members provide a comprehensive assessment of an older adult's physical, psychological and social needs based on a complete physical examination and lifestyle analysis with special attention to:

  • Cognitive abilities and memory loss
  • Ability to perform activities of daily living
  • Appetite and dietary needs
  • Safety
  • Exercise and other recreational activities
  • Urinary incontinence problems
  • Current use of medications

Alzheimer's Disease Assessment

Obtaining an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan is the first step in the appropriate treatment for patients with Alzheimer's Disease.  Adventist Midwest Geriatrics Specialists provide a comprehensive Alzheimer's Disease assessment that includes:

  • A complete physical examination
  • Evaluation of daily living activities and mental abilities
  • Full psychological and social evaluation
  • Laboratory tests, and if necessary, radiology and other imaging procedures

Results are used to develop a personalized care plan to treat the patient and assist everyone involved to adjust to the changes that Alzheimer's Disease inevitably brings. The team also can provide ongoing patient care or share assessment results with the patient's personal physician.