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You wouldn’t go years without going to the dentist. Why would you put off getting a mammogram?

MammogramJust as going for regular dental check-ups is a priority, getting your yearly mammogram is vitally important to your health and well-being. But sometimes it feels like a chore that's easy to put at the bottom of your list.

Early detection of breast cancer is key to saving lives, and mammograms are a simple way find a problem and start treatment before it becomes life-threatening.

Move Yearly Mammograms to the Top of Your To-do List!

We offer:
  • Easy same-day appointments
  • Convenient location in your own community
  • University-level technology and expertise
  • Friendly staff and comfortable facilities to make you feel at ease during the entire process

If there's a an issue, we'll treat it early before it becomes serious. If not, then you have the peace of mind of knowing everything's fine. Either way, you can cross it off your list!

Come to One of Our Convenient Locations for Your Next Mammogram

We have several facilities near you including: