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Barrett's Esophagus Treatment Options


If you have Barrett's esophagus, ask your physician about the various treatment options available to you from Adventist Midwest Health:

Surveillance Through Endoscopy

Your doctor may recommend an endoscopy with biopsy (examination of your esophagus and sampling of the tissue), which is a painless procedure that can detect Barrett's or another reflux-related condition.

Radiofrequency Ablation

If Barrett's esophagus is found and treated promptly, physicians can remove the diseased lining of the esophagus before the development of cancer through radiofrequency ablation (RFA).

RFA uses an an electrode mounted either on a balloon or endoscope to deliver heat energy to the diseased lining of the esophagus. A number of studies have demonstrated that RFA safely results in a high rate of complete eradication of Barrett's esophagus, as well as reduces progression of the disease to high-grade dysplasia and cancer.

Surgical Removal of the Esophagus

If Barrett's esophagus progresses to cancer, removal of the esophagus may be necessary. A minimally invasive esophagectomy using a few small incisions can be performed to remove the cancer and reconstruct the esophageal tract.