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Executive Health


Providing cost-effective, high-quality care for executives

The Adventist Bolingbrook hospital Executive Health Program is designed to accommodate the unique health care needs and time constraints of corporate executives. For more than 20 years, we have been helping companies protect one of their most valuable resources -- the health and well-being of their top executives.

Faced with heavy responsibility in their jobs, many executives lack the time to take responsibility for their own health, putting off physical exams and preventive screenings. At the same time, the executive's intense, stressful lifestyle may place him or her at high risk for conditions such as hypertension or weight gain. Our program allows executives to meet their health needs in one place. We provide a thorough and coordinated medical, physical and nutritional evaluation, with emphasis placed on early detection and prevention of illness, and modification of potentially harmful risk factors.

For the convenience of our clients, ABH Executive Health Coordinators schedule appointments and provide assistance in locating various departments on the day of the exam. They also help with follow ups and coordinating other services for the convenience of the executives. To make time here as comfortable and productive as possible, we provide an Executive Health Lounge to ensure privacy and accommodate phone calls, and Internet access.  We are also happy to accomodate the need for flexibility in our packages, particularly during these difficult economic times.

Healthier executives lead to healthier corporations. As executives gain better health awareness and learn to pursue lower-risk lifestyles, their productivity, concentration and vitality increase. Healthy leaders can also serve as role models for other employees, enhancing corporate wellness promotion efforts.