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Your Care Team


Your attending physician (who is not an employee or agent of the hospital) directs all of your care while you are in the hospital and is the person who can provide answers to questions about your treatment plan. He or she orders all examinations, tests, medications and procedures, and at times, may call upon the specialized expertise of other members of the medical staff to assure you the finest care possible.


Your registered nurse (RN) directs your nursing care and, in consultation with your doctor, coordinates the nursing plan for your care. Nurses communicate your needs to your doctor or other members of the health care team and are a good source of information about your condition or care plan. You will meet and be cared for 24 hours a day by several registered nurses and nursing assistants. In addition, skilled nurse clinicians and clinical nurse specialists may be available to provide consultation to patients, families and other nurses when needs are especially complex.

Case Managers

In some situations, a case manager may act as a liaison between you, your family and members of your health care team. This individual, who has advanced clinical knowledge, is involved throughout the health care system to coordinate your plan of care.


Our registered dietitians ensure that your special dietary needs determined by your doctor are met during your hospital stay. Shortly after you are admitted you will be asked about your dietary needs — information that is then used by our registered dietitians to develop your individualized diet program. Nutritional counseling is also available. Your nurse can arrange for this service.


The pharmacy department is staffed by registered pharmacists 24 hours a day to dispense medications for patients in all areas of the hospital. Pharmacists review patient medication regiments and dispense and monitor the effects of the medications.

Radiology Services

Our radiology department offers state-of-the-art technology to perform a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. These tests provide your doctor with a complete assessment of your condition so that appropriate treatment can begin immediately. Each of our technologists is registered and licensed; they work closely with the board certified radiologists to provide the utmost quality care.

Rehabilitation Services

Physical, occupational and speech therapists personally coordinate individualized rehabilitation programs at the request of a patient’s doctor.

Respiratory Therapists

At the request of your physician, respiratory therapists administer oxygen, treatments and diagnostic tests related to pulmonary function. They also teach breathing exercises to patients with respiratory disorders.

Social Services

Each person’s road to recovery is unique. The goal of the social services department is to assure that the transition from the hospital setting is as smooth as possible. Social workers are available to discuss which discharge options are best for you and to assist you, if needed, with placement in a rehabilitation facility, extended care facility or community service program. They can also help to answer questions about Advance Directives, such as Living Wills and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care. To talk to a social worker, please ask your nurse to arrange for a visit.