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Wound Care Team

The center offers an interdisciplinary approach to healing wounds. Our interdisciplinary team includes physicians, internal medicine, general surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, infectious disease specialists, and podiatrists.

Wound Care Team

(Front row, L to R) Eric Yang, MD; Karen Gonzalez, RN; Patrick McMahon, Program Director; Fatima Jaffer, MD; Victoria Urbanski; (Second Row, L to R) Marina Weis, RN; Charlene Sheehan, RN; Marlene Orr, RN; Kris Szykowny, RN; 
(Third Row, L to R) Brian Rozanski, DPM; Jafrer Hasan, MD; Michelle Tansey, MD; Dmitry Matusovsky; Andrzelika Gutzmer, PCT