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Breastfeeding Basics Class (Private)

This private class is taught by a board-certified Lactation Consultant. Your significant other is a part of the breastfeeding experience as well and is encouraged to attend. You will learn about the basic information necessary to get breastfeeding off to a good start.

Come and learn how to position and latch a baby correctly at the breast and find out the signs to watch for to know if your baby is getting enough. There will be information on common concerns and how to overcome them and how to know when to call for advice. Your questions about using a breastpump and returning to work will also be addressed.

We suggest that you register for this class no later than the start of your 7th month of pregnancy. Please register under the expectant mother's name and complete the demographic information within the "My Information" section.

Fee: $50 payable upon registration. MUST BE PAID WITHIN 24 HOURS OF REGISTERING ONLINE. If registering over the weekend, please pay on Monday.

Call 630-856-7525 to register or register online.