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Patient Care Processes


Staffing Information for Adventist Hinsdale Hospital

This summary of our staffing guidelines and principles is  provided to acquaint you with our patient care processes. The comfort, safety and professional care of our patients is our top priority. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Shawn Tyrrell, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer of Nursing Services at 630-856-6003.

Scope of Services

We offer comprehensive care to our community. We handle a wide variety of patients, such as maternity, pediatrics, emergency, surgical, medical, neurologic, cardiovascular and cancer care.

Staffing Needs

Staffing needs are determined by several factors that include but are not limited to: age of patient and their respective needs; frequency of assessments and treatments; family involvement in the plan of care; patient progress toward recovery; complexity of patient’s care; patient education needs; and volume of isolation patients.

Staffing Assignments

Staffing assignments consider the following variables in selecting the group of patients a nurse will manage for her/his shift. These variables may result in a decrease in the number of patients one nurse manages.

Medical Condition of the Patient – The patient's acuity level and need for care is evaluated regularly within each 24 hour period. Patients may be identified as needing a low, medium or high level of care. The manager, charge nurse, or lead nurse is responsible for an ongoing assessment of patient acuity and verifying the accuracy of such assessments.

Continuity of Care – Whenever possible, patients are assigned to the same nurse. This helps facilitate care as the nurse is familiar with the patient’s needs.

Unit Geography – Nurses may be assigned to rooms closer to their unit or station.

Resources for Additional Staffing

Additional resources are utilized when necessary to meet the needs of our patients. Should the unit require additional help, the following options are available:

  • Added compensation is an incentive to staff to work additional hours
  • Regional Resource nurses are available to facilitate care for patients within Adventist Midwest Health
  • Internal registry nurses are available for increased census, vacation and illness coverage
  • Occasionally, agency staff members from local staffing agencies are selected based on specific criteria