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Nursing educator’s influence extends beyond patient bedside
Photo caption: Regional Director of Nursing Professional Development Katie Weibel, left, receives her Distinguished Leader award from Adventist Hinsdale Hospital Chief Executive Officer Michael J. Goebel.

Hinsdale – As a nurse educator, Katie Weibel has an influence on patient care that goes beyond a single bedside.

As regional director of nursing professional development for Adventist Midwest Health, Weibel has helped to train almost 150 nurse graduates at the region’s hospitals, passing on to them her knowledge and skills.

“Someone once said to me, you have no idea how many people you’ve influenced,” Weibel said. “What you teach these new nurses influences how all their patients are being cared for.”

For her work in helping teach new graduate nurses, Weibel was named Adventist Hinsdale Hospital’s Distinguished Leader for Interpersonal Relationships at a recent leadership institute run by Adventist Midwest Health.

“Staff members who have worked with Katie have said over and over again they are here because of her,” said Shawn Tyrrell, chief nursing officer at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital. “She is a mentor to them, she supports them, and she raises standards of practice.”

As they work with Weibel, the new graduates grow to trust her and come to her when they have any problems, said Lisa Pittman, medical unit nurse manager at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital.

“She’s a huge support for the new grads,” Pittman said. “They have someone to go to, to talk about issues, and she’s really going to support them.”

A Western Springs resident, Weibel has been with Adventist Midwest Health for about 11 years. She began at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital as a nurse on the surgical unit. She has been a nurse since 1984.

“My whole family was in health care,” Weibel said. “My mom’s a nurse, my two sisters are nurses, my dad was an administrative director in radiology. So I grew up around health care.”

But Weibel hasn’t remained in health care her whole career. She took a 10-year hiatus through the 1990s to work in the business world. During that time, she earned a master’s in business administration.

In 2002, Weibel decided returned to the field. And she plans to remain.

“When I came back, the moment I walked onto the unit, it was like coming home,” she said. “I’d never leave health care again.”

A graduate of Weibel’s nurse program, Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital Medical Surgical Services Nurse Manager Breanna Garrett said Weibel leads through example. As a new graduate, Garrett said Weibel made her want to be a better nurse.

“She was the person we could count on, all of the new grads,” Garrett said. “She helped mold us to be who we are today.”

Garrett is not the only former graduate to move into leadership. Four have moved into clinical coordinator positions, Weibel said, one into clinical education, and another into a managerial position.

Though the successes have been many, Weibel said she was humbled by the leadership award.

“You never know what your influence is on other people,” she said. “So it was so nice to hear from some of the new grads about our work together.”

For more on Weibel, check out her award video.


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