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Longtime Paulson Rehab patients reach 20-year benchmark
Contact: Lisa Parro, senior public relations specialist, Adventist Midwest Health 630-312-7508

Oak Brook, Bolingbrook residents’ names on ‘Wall of Honor’

La Grange – Adventist Paulson Rehab, Willowbrook, recently honored two longtime patients for being diligently committed to the program for 20 years. Tom Paulick, of Oak Brook, and John McKenna, of Bolingbrook, were the latest names added to the program’s “Wall of Honor,” reserved for those who achieve milestone memberships of five, 10, 15 and 20 years.

“We are proud to be able to recognize their hard work,” said John Herbert, physical therapist.

Back disorders introduced these two men to the facility, but the quality of Adventist Paulson Rehab’s advanced circuit training program and the friendships they made with other members kept them there. The advanced circuit training program, which boasts 50 active members, is designed for people who wanted to extend the benefit of their physical therapy rehabilitation in a supervised environment while utilizing health club type equipment.

“This is a very nice group of people,” Herbert said. “Some of them have developed friendships with each other and socialize outside of Paulson.”

Paulick said Adventist Paulson Rehab has physical and psychological benefits for him. In the beginning, it was a source of physical therapy for a disc problem and after knee surgery. Now, it’s a means of maintaining fitness and a place to socialize with likeminded individuals, for sessions lasting an hour and 15 minutes, three times a week.

“I would recommend Adventist Paulson Rehab to anybody,” Paulick said. “It’s a valuable community resource. I like the staff and the other people who work out and I have gotten to know them very well; the camaraderie is good. On weekends I go to a small gym near my home. It’s fine for using the treadmill, but there’s usually only one other person in there with me. The social benefits I get from Adventist Paulson Rehab are very important to me.”

Back surgery initially brought McKenna, 72, to Adventist Paulson Rehab, but a desire to “keep the blood moving” by lifting weights and riding a stationary bicycle inspires him to work out on a regular basis, three times a week for two hours at a time.

“The people there are so nice, it’s like a home away from home,” McKenna said.

Adventist Paulson Rehab’s advanced circuit training program provides the opportunity to perform body strengthening and cardiovascular conditioning activities with resistance and exercise equipment. Emphasis is placed on the proper use of exercise equipment and is supervised by individuals with training in orthopedic rehabilitation. Monthly memberships are available.

Adventist Rehabilitation Services offers outpatient rehabilitation and wellness services at multiple convenient locations in the west and southwest suburbs of Chicago. For more information, call the Willowbrook clinic at 630-856-8200 or the La Grange clinic at 708-245-7900.