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Hospital sponsors ‘The Adventists’ documentary screening

Media contact: Lisa Parro, senior public relations specialist, Adventist Midwest Health,

Hinsdale – Adventist Hinsdale Hospital is sponsoring a free screening of “The Adventists,” a new one-hour documentary film on Seventh-day Adventists, at 7 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 3 at the Hinsdale Seventh-day Adventist Church, 201 N. Oak St., Hinsdale. A live question-and-answer session with filmmaker Martin Doblmeier will take place after the screening. For more information, call the Hinsdale Seventh-day Adventist Church office at 630-323-0182.


“The Adventists” explores the history and contemporary story of the faith-group whose members are some of the healthiest and longest-living people on the planet. The film aired on public television stations in April.


Formed on American soil in the mid-19th Century, Seventh-day Adventists are, by their own description, a conservative religion that holds as a central tenet that Jesus Christ is returning again, soon. At the same time, Adventists are pioneers in medical technology and health care exploration. For them, waiting for the Second Coming is not a time for fear, but for preparation and hope.


Filmed on location at hospitals and health care facilities in Florida, Ohio, and California, the film also contains a re-enactment of the 1844 event called The Great Disappointment which gave birth to Adventists, and provides a profile of charismatic figure John Harvey Kellogg, whose Battle Creek (Mich.) Sanitarium set the standard for progressive health care in the early 20th century.


“Millions of Americans became intrigued by the notion that Adventists are living longer than almost everyone – in some cases up to 10 years longer,” Doblmeier said. “But underneath that longevity statistic is a fascinating and colorful faith tradition with a rich history and a genuine appreciation for the connection between faith and health.”


Where so much of our current health care debate is framed around economics, Adventists start from the belief that the body is “the temple of God” and needs to be cared for. For them, hospital and health-care work is “sacred work,” and this can bring a fresh – even revolutionary – approach to public health discussions today.


“The Adventists” is produced in high definition by Journey Films in Alexandria, Va. It was written and directed by Martin Doblmeier, produced by Dan Judey, and edited by Gayle Anonuevo. Doblmeier is the founder of Journey Films. Two of his recent films, “Bonhoeffer” and “The Power of Forgiveness,” drew wide acclaim:


The Hinsdale screening of “The Adventists” is sponsored by Adventist Hinsdale Hospital and Adventist Midwest Health.


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