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Adventist Hinsdale Hospital earns an ‘A’ for patient safety
Hinsdale – Adventist Hinsdale Hospital earned the highest grade possible – an “A” – from The Leapfrog Group, which has released a hospital safety score for more than 2,500 general hospitals across the country.

Adventist Hinsdale Hospital’s safety score is based on the levels of infections, injuries and medical and medication errors. Of the 2,539 general hospitals issued a Hospital Safety Score, 813 earned an “A,” 661 earned a “B,” 893 earned a “C,” 150 earned a “D” and 22 earned an “F.”

Adventist Hinsdale Hospital has undertaken several programs focusing on patient safety. First, it has identified ways to improve safety through an annual safety survey taken by hospital staff, said Cindy Dougherty, assistant vice president of quality and patient safety at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital.

One area it has focused on is proper hand hygiene, making sure everyone keeps their hands clean while caring for patients at the hospital, to reduce the possibility of spreading germs.

It has also worked on making sure patients and their families have the information they need to understand their care, specifically for patients on ventilators.

Hospital administration meets every weekday in a safety huddle, to discuss all safety issues and possible risks. The huddles are designed to heighten awareness about safety and resolve any problems that might arise in a timely manner.

Additionally, staff has received training on the importance of establishing a culture of safety.

“We work very hard to stress the importance of patient safety at our hospital,” said Michael J. Goebel, Adventist Hinsdale Hospital’s chief executive officer. “While they are in our care, patients expect excellent and safe care, and we want to be sure to deliver.”

The Leapfrog Group is an independent, national not-for-profit organization of employer purchasers of health care and the nation’s leading experts on patient safety that administers the Hospital Safety Score.

“A number of hospitals have improved by one or even two grades, indicating hospitals are taking steps toward safer practices, but these efforts aren’t enough,” says Leah Binder, president and CEO of Leapfrog. “During this time of rapid health care transformation, it’s vital that we work together to arm patients with the information they need and tell doctors and hospitals that the time for change is now.”

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