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Adventist GlenOaks Hospital offers $30 heartscore screening
Glendale Heights – In celebration of its 30th anniversary, Adventist GlenOaks Hospital is offering a heartscore cardiac risk assessment screening for $30. Heartscore includes a total cholesterol test, HDL, EKG, blood pressure assessment, blood sugar test, body fat analysis, personal lifestyle analysis and risk factor identification.

Call 630-856-7525 to schedule your screening and mention code “thirtieth” for our special 30th anniversary price.

West Chicago resident James Peterson signed up for a heartscore screening last year. The 61-year-old knew early last year that he wanted to get healthier. But when he consulted his primary care physician, he wasn’t comfortable with her advice.

“She just wanted to write a prescription to help lower my cholesterol,” he recalled. “I didn’t want to be on medication.”

So when Peterson and his wife found out about affordable heartscore screening at Adventist GlenOaks Hospital, he was quick to sign up. The couple had attended the hospital’s Heart Expo at Stratford Square Mall in Bloomingdale in 2009, where he found there was indeed cause for concern. Peterson’s total cholesterol was 230, (normal is less than 200) and his triglycerides were at 240 (normal is less than 150). These readings signaled that he was at increased risk for heart disease and stroke.

Staff at the hospital’s Heart & Vascular Institute recommended Peterson lose weight and make changes to his diet, such as eating more whole grains. He took their advice.

“I started exercising more,” he said. “I went to the fitness center three to five times a week. I started eating more apples, and I ate 30 almonds every day. I also managed my portion size, but I wouldn’t say I deprived myself. I love food. I ate prime rib shortly before having the screening again, and the results were still good.”

Peterson returned for another heartscore screening at Adventist GlenOaks Hospital in 2010 and learned that his efforts and life changes had made a positive difference. In a year, Peterson managed to lower his cholesterol by 31 points to 199, and his triglycerides by 108 points to 132. His blood pressure went down from a high range of 142/76 to a normal range of 131/69, and he lost nearly 20 pounds.

“The quality of my life means a lot to me,” Peterson said. “I would recommend the heartscore screening to anyone. It helped me get motivated to get healthier without medication.”

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