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Nursing Accomplishments

Additional Selected Accomplishments

All Nursing Units

  • Reduced Catheter Associated UTIs.
  • Reduced employee injuries through effective lift equipment use.
  • Designed and opened restorative spaces for staff.
  • Completed the State of Illinois pilot project to develop the POLST form for the state. POLST stands for the Provider Order for Life Sustaining Treatment. Educated the community on this new tool to help the public plan for their quality of life in their final days.
  • Reduced pain in inpatients.
  • Improved medication safety through collaboration with pharmacists and through improved scanning rates.
  • Increased the reporting of near misses to ensure improved safety systems.
  • Reduced falls and falls with injury.
  • Achieved Leapfrog A rating demonstrating the highest levels of safety.
  • Implemented bedside shift report to ensure better communication and continuity of care.
  • Reduced costs through the elimination of variation in nursing and medical care. This change improves safety as a result of standardizing treatment regimens and using only the best available evidence for treatment decisions.
  • Increased the number of rapid response teams called, ensuring rapid treatment for patients deteriorating unexpectedly.
  • Nurses are certified.

Cardiac Services

  • Prevented sudden cardiac death in our young people through the effective screening of students at the local high school and the follow up on abnormal findings.
  • Recognized this year by NCDR-GWTG Action Registry Platinum award and Mission Life Line Gold award recognizing achievements in excellence related to Code Stemi’s and evidence-based cardiac treatment.
  • Continued to reduce time to intervention for code STEMI patients

Cardiac Services / Oncology / Orthopedics / Maternal Fetal Medicine

  • Expanded patient navigation to include nurse navigators for CHF, Cancer, and total hip and knee patients and for high risk pregnancies.

Cardiac Rehab

  • Developed a plan to offer phase three cardiopulmonary rehab for CHF patients in early 2015.

2 Medical / ED

  • Saved lives through the application of a sepsis protocol bringing emergency aid to the bedside of those identified as showing early warning signs of sepsis.

2 Medical

  • Developed an Observation unit which reduced utilization and offered cost savings.

3 Surgical

  • Developed a new care delivery model designed to improve the patient experience in med-surg units.
  • Reduced length of hospital stay in orthopedic patients with the implementation of an innovative fast track care model.

2 Medical / 3 Surgical

  • Increased direct care percentages for med surg units through the application of hand held technology for workflow decision making.

Med Surg / Critical Care

  • Implemented a mobility program for ICU and medical-surgical patients to ensure complications of hospitalization are minimized.

Home Care

  • Achieved recognition as a Home Care Elite Top Hospital which is awarded to those home care agencies achieving top performance on clinical metrics.


  • Reduced the incidence of delirium in ICU patients which improves outcomes.
  • Implemented A-ICU which ensures 24 hour per day access to critical care specialists to the bedside through remote video monitoring.
  • Improved quality of sleep in ICU patients through research into the use of white noise.

OR / Women’s and Children’s Services

  • Reduced the risk of retained surgical items through the implementation of the No Thing Left behind surgical counting system.

Women’s and Children’s Services

  • Opened the Nurturing Nook to offer women an outpatient breastfeeding support option.

Labor and Delivery

  • Offered water birth as a new birth option in the community and was accepted into a national research clinical study with major Universities.
  • Implemented a care bundle for long term antepartum patients
  • Increased family bonding after birth through the consistent use of skin to skin time and delayed infant bathing.
  • Improved start times for surgeries enabling reduced wait times for patients and improving physician satisfaction.

Mother / Baby

  • Improved exclusive breastfeeding rates.
  • Implemented quiet time for family rest.


  • Eliminated blindness in the neonate through the OWL program, Oxygen with Love.
  • Converted to cue based feeding in the NICU.
  • Eliminated central line associated bloodstream infections

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

  • Opened fourth location serving the southern suburban community.


  • Ensured long term viability of Pediatric services in our community by partnering with other Midwest EDs to transfer cases here and by creating a partnership with Lurie Children’s to offer services here 24 hours per day.


  • Reduced red bag use through the implementation of changes in the OR disposal system. This effort protects the environment and our staff.
  • Eliminated retained surgical items.

Day Surgery

  • Designed new Day Surgery with all private rooms to open in spring 2015.
  • Improved patient safety.
  • On time start to OR.

Perioperative Services

  • Reduced SSI rates.
  • Reduced the incidence of Intermediate Use Steam Sterilization.

5 West Behavioral Health / 2 Medical

  • Reduced staff injuries through the implementation of a rapid response process from Behavioral Health to other inpatient units.

5 West Behavioral Health / ED

  • Developed an innovative tele-psych program to offer emergency behavioral health patients faster access to the assessment by a psychiatrist.

St. Thomas Hospice

  • Implemented a vigil program so that no patient dies alone.
  • Increased the number of patients with chronic illnesses seeking Palliative Care options for better quality of life.

Care Management / All

  • Reduced readmissions to the hospital.

Care Management / 2 Medical / 3 Surgical / Progressive Care

  • Implemented a new care management structure with daily progressive care rounds and noted anticipated day of discharge.

3 North

  • Designed, implemented and moved our CARF certified acute rehab unit to ALMH. This move created a patient and family centered care environment second to none.

Service Excellence

  • Developed and implemented pet therapy in selected areas.
  • Implemented a Patient and Family Advisory Council to ensure care is viewed through the patients’ eyes and dialogue exists with patients and families to improve the care experience.

Day Surgery / Inpatient

  • Offered patients a new pain relief option for IV starts.

Inpatient Services

  • Increased patient satisfaction.

ED / Inpatient Services

  • Reduced wait times while waiting in the ED for a bed.

ED / 2 Medical / 3 Surgical / Critical Care

  • Improved safety of patients by increasing accuracy of patient weights.

PAT / Ambulatory Services

  • Consolidated PAT and Ambulatory services to one location.

Radiation Oncology

  • Began consolidation with ALMH Radiation Oncology.

Donor Center

  • Increased efficiency and donor satisfaction.


  • Acquisition of new patient populations.


  • Improved patient safety associated with complete documentation.
  • Improved communication and hand off from PAT.
  • Reduced PAT visit time by 60%.


  • Optimized patient flow.
  • Decreased length of stay.
  • Reduced nausea rate.
  • Improved admission throughput from PACU to Inpatient by two-thirds.
  • Improved pain management.