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Occupational Therapy

Pediatric occupational therapists work to promote processing skills (modulation and regulation), self-help skills (dressing and eating), fine motor skills (handwriting and hand use), and attention skills. If your child exhibits these behaviors he or she may benefit from occupational therapy:

  • Frequent emotional breakdowns
  • Decreased frustration tolerance
  • Difficulty coordinating body movements
  • Trouble with handwriting or other school related tasks
  • Difficulty with tolerating touch
  • Limited attention to tasks

Physical Therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapists work with infants to young adults, providing strengthening programs to meet their functional goals. They individualize therapy programs for each child and family. These programs may:

  • Improve flexibility and strength
  • Decrease pain
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Improve movement through functional positions
  • Improve ability to achieve developmental milestones such as crawling and walking
  • Improve circulation around an injury through the use of modalities
  • Instruct patients how to avoid injury
  • Improve safety
  • Lower the risk of injury

If your child exhibits these behaviors he or she MAY benefit from physical therapy:

  • Poor balance
  • Muscle weakness
  • Limitations in range of motion
  • Tendency to only look in one direction
  • Trouble running, jumping, and/or climbing  

Speech/Language Therapy

Pediatric speech therapists work on oral-motor skills (feeding, swallowing, and sound production) social interactions, and language development (comprehension and expression).

If your child exhibits these behaviors, he or she MAY benefit from speech/language therapy:

  • Difficulty with bottle feeding or transitioning to purees/table foods
  • Doesn't produce sounds or is producing only single words by 18 months
  • Difficulty with sounds productions or not being able to be understood by others

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