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Patient Education and Research


A major focus of the Center is teaching individuals how to recognize the early warning signs of hearing loss and to provide information on the latest treatment options. Here are some little-known facts about hearing loss:

  • 75 percent of people who could benefit from hearing aids are not using them.
  • By age 65, one out of three people has a hearing loss.
  • 3 of every 1,000 school-age children have a profound hearing loss.
  • 60 percent of people with a hearing loss are between the ages of 21 and 65 (working age).
  • One out of ten people in the United States has a hearing loss.
  • Hearing loss ranks with arthritis, high blood pressure, and heart disease as one of the most common physical conditions.
  • There are 43 million Americans with disabilities – of those, 28 million have hearing loss.

Although education and teaching of medical residents is crucial to good patient care, research is the foundation for new and innovative ideas benefitting patients, physicians, and the community. At the Center for Hearing Restoration and Ear Research, our research is patient orientated and clinically significant.

Some of our research is conducted in the Northwestern University animal laboratory. Without the research component of the Center, many future medical discoveries and treatments may be delayed or lost. New technologies have enabled breakthrough discoveries that patients enjoy today.

A new education and research lab – the Temporal Bone Lab – offers fellows, residents and practicing physicians the opportunity to learn and integrate the latest medical and surgical procedures in a specialized teaching environment of a virtual reality surgical simulation.

For more information about the Center for Hearing Restoration and Ear Research, please call our physician referral service at 630-856-7500.