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The Center for Hearing Restoration and Ear Research


One in every 10 people is diagnosed with a hearing loss. Hearing disorders know no age or gender boundary. They strike the very young – even at birth – and are diagnosed in tens of thousands of adults.   

Adventist Hinsdale Hospital’s Center for Hearing Restoration and Ear Research offers patients and their families a comprehensive range of diagnostic services and surgical treatments for ear and hearing problems. This includes profound deafness treated with cochlear implants, perforations of the ear drum, otosclerosis, acoustic tumors, balance disorders, and facial nerve problems. Dr. Richard J. Wiet, a nationally recognized expert in otology and the founder of the center, is on the cutting edge of medical technology and medical care.  

Dr. Wiet and the other nationally-recognized physicians who work with the center provide local patients an opportunity to receive expert services close to home. Many patients travel from across the country to consult with our physicians and to receive state-of-the-art medical care. The center participates in national clinical trials, giving patients an opportunity to be among the first to experience cutting-edge medicine.  

For more information about the Center for Hearing Restoration and Ear Research, please call our physician referral service at 630-856-7500.