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Adolescent Services


Helping Families through Difficult Times

Adolescence is typically a hard time for youngsters making the transition into adulthood as well as their parents trying to cope with the changes. A child’s stubborn need to assert independence often conflicts with the reality of relying on adults for financial and emotional support. Parents are baffled by offspring who seem to suddenly question, criticize and resent their efforts to parent.

However, if a child’s behavior becomes seriously disruptive and/or you suspect he or she may be abusing drugs, alcohol or becoming addicted to another type of behavior, it’s time to reach out for professional help.

Signs of a problem in an adolescent include:

  • Increased irritability
  • Prolonged sadness
  • Social isolation
  • Change in appetite or sleep pattern
  • Seriously defiant behavior and breaking of rules

Personalized, Flexible Care

The Adolescent Program of Adventist Hinsdale Hospital’s Behavioral Health Department delivers specialized care for adolescents in their early to late teens (ages 12-18).

Our staff is experienced in treating adolescents with self-esteem issues, uncontrolled anger, depression, anxiety, behavior problems, school issues, family conflict, substance abuse and addiction.

Since each adolescent is unique, we develop a personalized care plan for each child based on a thorough diagnostic evaluation. Our programs are flexible to make sure youngsters receive the help they need while allowing them to progress at their own pace. To ensure the most successful results, parents and other family members play an important role in treatment. We also coordinate with schools so youngsters can stay current with their studies during treatment.

Our goal is always to enable the adolescent to return to home, school and the community with the tools for effective living and ongoing support. Our method is to teach adolescents the skills that build on their individual strengths and enable them to reintegrate successfully.

Two Settings for Treatment

Adolescent Inpatient Care. When an adolescent lives in an unsafe environment, we provide inpatient care. The goal is to stabilize the immediate crisis and assess the youngster. We develop an individualized plan of treatment based on the results of the assessment. The attending psychiatrist and the multidisciplinary team evaluate the plan and the adolescent’s progress at regularly scheduled staff meetings.

Adolescent Outpatient Care. We offer two levels of outpatient care for teens who need the structure and support of a comprehensive psychiatric program but do not require 24-hour inpatient care. Outpatient care may be used as an alternative to inpatient care or to ease the transition to outpatient care.

Our two levels of outpatient care are:
1.   Partial Hospitalization
      (Monday through Friday, 6 hours/day)

2.   Intensive Outpatient
      (Mon., Wed., Fri., 3 hours/day)

Chemical Dependency and Addiction

Adolescents can become addicted to alcohol, drugs, food, nicotine, gambling or any behavior that offers an escape from reality. Addiction is never simple. It often involves a range of problems and social issues to medical, environmental, vocational and psychological issues. Adventist Hinsdale Hospital has a reputation for successfully treating addictions.

Our approach is holistic, designed to recognize and treat physical, mental, social and spiritual needs. Our comprehensive program includes counseling, patient and family education and an introduction to the 12-step program.

Support for the Whole Family

All of the programs at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital focus on helping the adolescent and his or her family better understand the complex issues associated with adolescent development. To support that focus, we strongly encourage families to attend family therapy sessions once a week while the child is in the Partial Hospitalization level and regularly while in the Intensive Outpatient level of treatment.

Ongoing Support for Adolescents

Once adolescents successfully complete their plan of care, they are invited to our Aftercare Group. The group meets weekly for a limited time after discharge to help members ease their way back to home, school and the community.

For more information about our adolescent programs, please call (630) 856-7717.