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AHH Tradition: Role of Nursing


Nurses have always played a major role at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital. Between the first graduating class of 1908 and the final graduating class of 1968, 1,196 students began careers at the Hinsdale Sanitarium and Hospital’s Training School for Missionary Nurses.

Those early nursing graduates operated under the same principles of care transforming lives as today’s nurses at AHH. The early school emphasized training nurses who could tend to souls as well as bodies:

Hinsdale SanitariumThe purpose of those who founded the Hinsdale Sanitarium was to make it an institution for the training of workers who would sacredly fulfill the two-fold mission of healing the sick and scattering far and wide the fundamental teachings of the gospel of salvation. No nurse is fulfilling her duty in caring for a sick patient who does not minister the soul as well as the body of the patient.

Today at AHH, we continue that tradition with Magnet principles and Dr. Jean Watson’s Carative nursing model. We do this through our clinical excellence and a Christian tradition in our work. Our continued goals are to hardwire excellence, do worthwhile work, be active in our community, and create a culture of service throughout our hospital, while ensuring the financial health of the overall organization.