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Laser-assisted cataract surgery offers high precision work
Photo caption: Dr. Lisa G. Wohl, right, prepares a patient for laser-assisted cataract surgery at Adventist GlenOaks Hospital.

Glendale Heights – Leading up to his laser-assisted cataract surgery this past October, Suresh Pandav had noticed his eyesight was getting progressively worse.

Over four months his vision had begun to blur. He noticed just how much one day while reading.

“I closed my right eye and I noticed that something was wrong with my left,” the Hanover Park resident said. “I went to my eye doctor, and he said I needed a specialist.”

Pandav went to ophthalmologist Dr. Lisa G. Wohl, and this past October, he had laser-assisted cataract surgery at Adventist GlenOaks Hospital. The difference in his vision is night and day, he said.

“Dr. Wohl, she took care of me so well,” Pandav said. “I was scared, because it’s my eye, but she was gentle and so careful.”

The laser-assisted cataract surgery is a new service offered at Adventist GlenOaks Hospital. What is unique about the technique is the precision with which it can be done. Before the laser came into use, doctors had to make incisions into the eye’s lens by hand when removing a cataract, Wohl said.

“The human lens is built a lot like a peanut M&M,” Wohl said. “The outside is the chocolate coating. So you’re making openings in the top candy layer.”

Under the laser-assisted procedure, a computer measures the patient’s eye, maps out where incisions must be made and then guides the laser to the precise points on the lens.

“Instead of doing it by hand, you have this pristine, perfect circle,” Wohl said.

Once the laser makes the initial incisions, the remainder of the surgery is done by hand. A surgeon softens up the cataract, removes it and the eye’s original lens, and then replaces it with an artificial lens that can correct a patient’s vision.

The precision of the laser in the initial incisions can help lead to better patient outcomes and safer procedures. “There’s less energy delivered to the eye and that means less risk to the cornea,” Wohl said.

Pandav has been so pleased by the results that he’d like to have his other eye done by Wohl at Adventist GlenOaks Hospital.

“The hospital was great,” he said. “Everybody was helpful and they all treated me well.

“And Dr. Wohl, she is the best. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.”

Anyone interested in knowing more about the laser-assisted cataract surgery can call (630) 856-7525 for information.


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