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Adventist GlenOaks Hospital receives award for going green

Adventist GlenOaks Hospital employees, from left, Kim Stricker, Steve Dlugo, Linda Court, Scott Wachel, Jose Rodriguez, Mark Chaney and Sue Fox display the Earth Day Flag the hospital was awarded for implementing “green” initiatives.

Glendale Heights – Adventist GlenOaks Hospital has received the Earth Day Flag for its “Go Green” initiatives in adopting environmentally sound policies. The Earth Day Flag was presented by SCARCE, a non-profit DuPage County group that educates schools and community organizations in practices such as recycling and composting. The Earth Day Flag has been given to businesses and schools, but Adventist GlenOaks Hospital is the first DuPage County hospital to receive the award.


The hospital was recognized by SCARCE and by DuPage County for its efforts in recycling, reducing waste, promoting cleaner air and energy efficiency, as well as for educating and raising awareness.


“As stewards of the planet that God has created, we have the responsibility to take care of it, and preserve its precious resources,” said Bruce C. Christian, chief executive officer of Adventist GlenOaks Hospital. “Our employees have shown great resourcefulness in honoring this responsibility.”


Steven Dlugo, information services manager for Adventist GlenOaks Hospital, heads the hospital’s “Go Green” team, which also includes employees Mark Chaney, Linda Court, Sue Fox, Jose Rodriguez, Rich Roehr, Kim Stricker and Scott Wachel.


The hospital’s efforts include:

  • Recycling roughly 25 tons of cardboard, paper, plastic and aluminum during the last year, thus saving more than $7,500 in trash collection. 
  • Recycling more than two pallets of electronics to celebrate Earth Day.
  • Providing all employees with reusable water bottles.
  • Equipping the Adventist GlenOaks Hospital Café with compostable plates made of renewable materials, such as sugar cane, that will biodegrade in a landfill or compost pile. Large Styrofoam cups have been removed.
  • Replacing light bulbs and fixtures with more efficient models.
  • Instituting a no-idling policy for cars and ambulances outside the building to reduce fuel consumption and air contaminants.


As the hospital remodels, the “Go Green” team will have input on choosing more sustainable materials. The team also plans on planting and maintaining a vegetable garden, and using native plants in the landscape that will attract birds and butterflies.


The “Go Green” team is continuing to partner with SCARCE to update employees on the best practices for recycling and choosing sustainable materials.


“Reducing energy costs is good for the environment, and also saves money for the hospital,” Dlugo said. “As we work for a cleaner planet, we will have better health.” 



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Media contact: Lisa Parro, senior public relations specialist, Adventist Midwest Health,; 630-856-2354