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Adventist GlenOaks Transition Program


Helping Young Adults Gain Independence

The Adventist GlenOaks Transition Program is an Illinois State Board approved, non-public alternative school that helps students ages 17 through 22 acquire the necessary skills to live successfully as independent young adults.

This unique program is especially designed for students who need more practice with integration into community, college, adult health system and career/work placement environments.

Transition Program Topics

  • Educational courses for students at the end of their high school years or post-high school vocational level coursework
  • Tutoring for college coursework (depends upon enrollment)
  • Health Management: Hygiene and personal care, medication and health management and healthy adult lifestyle choices
  • Money Management: Basics of banking, check and cashier practices, economic decision-making and careful spending
  • Daily Living Skills: Managing living spaces and roommates, apartment or home care, care of laundry and household chores, grocery shopping, taking public transportation and other skills necessary to better live independently
  • Healthy Relationships: Dating tips, parenting/child development education and advice on maintaining friendships and family relationships
  • Career Exploration: Practice for applying, interviewing and maintaining a job, career-matching and vocational decision-making and building skills to different vocational paths
  • Community/Volunteer and Work Internships: Practicing age appropriate communication skills and etiquette in settings within the community that include work, leisure activities, restaurants and volunteer sites such as Adventist GlenOaks Hospital, senior centers, recycling centers and local business internships

Built on Educational Success

The Adventist GlenOaks Therapeutic Day School Transition Program is affiliated with the Adventist GlenOaks Therapeutic Day School. Opened in 1995, the Adventist GlenOaks Therapeutic Day School blend academic and therapeutic activities for 200 students in grades 3-12. Prior attendance at the Adventist GlenOaks Therapeutic Day School is not a prerequisite for the Transition Program.

Student Qualifications

The Adventist GlenOaks Transition Program assists students who are typically referred by their home school districts. Students qualify through the alternative education labels of Social Emotional Disorders, Other Health Impairment or Autism. A student’s academic functioning must fall between the low average to high average/gifted range to succeed in this program. Students who are in their senior year of high school and require high school credit or who have completed all academic coursework are eligible for the Adventist GlenOaks Transition Program.

A Three Tiered Program

Not all students are at the same level of readiness for work and college at the time of admission. That's why we've developed a three-level system to help ensure that all students grow to their highest personal ability level and personal goals. Daily evaluation tools are used for students in self-monitoring along with staff evaluation methods to assist students in the development of their Individual Education Plans and transition goals.

Level 1 - Students are involved in learning the basic requirements for work or volunteer-related jobs. Students practice independent living skills and are enrolled in Adventist GlenOaks Transition Program coursework that assists with communication skills, daily living skills, career development, money management and basic academic skills for real-life applications. Students also learn about their own personal mental health development. Students meet with counseling staff members regularly to support the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and self-care routine. This level provides the most significant amount of support to manage the students’ community, career, education and self-management goals.

Level 2 - Students are involved with all Level 1 activities but are presented with more independent living practice and skill-building within their community. Students volunteer for opportunities that best mirror their interests and career choices. They apply for employment and/or college experiences inside and outside of the program hours.

Level 3 - Students build upon Levels 1 and 2 by actively working and/or entering college level coursework. Students demonstrate independence at the volunteer sites they are assigned. Internships at local businesses or work sites are assigned with some supportive job coaching. Students demonstrate consistent self-care and maintain appropriate standards of behavior to maintain a job or independent college life.


Discharge from the program occurs when a student has consistently demonstrated the skills from Level 3, coupled with consistent mental health self-care, or the student has turned 22 years of age.

Session Hours and Location

The Adventist GlenOaks Transition Program offers a choice between two five-hour sessions to best accommodate students’ college and/or work schedules. The school calendar is reflective of a year-round program that includes days off for school holidays and Winter, Spring and Summer breaks.

Session 1
7:45 am - 12.45 p.m. 
Session 2
1 - 6 p.m.
Location: South Campus
1N450 Main St.
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

Contact and Referral Information

All referrals may be sent to Director Lisa Grigsby at 630-671-0383 x2002 ( or Department Coordinator Beth Fischer at 630-671-0383 x2001( Fax 630-671-0384.