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Day School Program for Grades 3 - 12


The Adventist GlenOaks Hospital Therapeutic Day School provides students ranging from 3rd grade through senior year of high school a learning environment where they can flourish academically and emotionally.

With three campuses conveniently located in Glendale Heights, North Aurora and Glen Ellyn, Illinois, we have a combined daily enrollment of approximately 200 students. Admission to the Adventist GlenOaks Hospital Therapeutic Day School requires a referral from the student’s home (local) school district.   

Some students attend the School for a short term; others stay here for the duration of their elementary or high school education.  Our staff partners with parents and students to determine the optimal school environment for each student’s progress.  When your son or daughter is ready to return to his or her home school, we will coordinate closely with the school district to help ensure a smooth transition.  

Blending Curriculum & Treatment

The Adventist GlenOaks Hospital Therapeutic Day School offers grade-appropriate academic curriculum, combined with a diverse plan of treatment options.  Through teaching and therapeutic activities, our focus is on giving students the best chance for success in school and in their personal lives.


As a part of the Adventist GlenOaks Hospital Therapeutic Day School program, your student will follow a grade-appropriate curriculum that includes math, English, social studies and science.  He or she will also participate in physical education classes.  High school and junior high students move to different classrooms and teachers for each subject of study.  Students at these higher grade levels are taught by teachers with focused expertise in their field.

High school students also can choose electives that fit their interests, such as Spanish, literature, photo-journalism, advanced biology, child development, drawing and other options.

View our High School Course Catalog.


We engage a wide variety of therapeutic methods to promote confidence, independence and socialization among our students.  In a fun and non-threatening setting, these activities help students build social skills, understand personal boundaries and interactions, overcome anxieties, express themselves, take risks, improve communication skills, practice leadership and caretaking roles, and gain confidence.

Depending on the student’s needs, he or she may participate in:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Recreational therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Animal assisted therapy 

Art Therapy: A creative form for expressing inner feelings and for tactile and sensory exploration.

Music Therapy:  Playing instruments, singing, exploring rhythms and discussing lyrics offers an outlet for students to express their feelings, try new activities and enhance relaxation.

Play Therapy:  For younger students, play therapy offers the freedom to gain skills, role play and build confidence.

Movement/Dance Therapy:  Movement therapy employs creative movement and dance techniques that help students relieve tension, explore boundaries and personal space.

Animal Assisted Activity/Therapy (AAT):  Many students thrive through interactions with certified AAT dogs or horses (Equine Assisted Learning).  Children who feel uncomfortable opening up to peers or adults might feel more comfortable talking to an animal.  They also can take on care-giving roles with the animals, which help to build the student's independence. AAT activities also may strengthen teamwork skills as students work collaboratively to take care of the animals.

For a more in-depth explanation of the types of therapies we offer, please visit our Therapies page.

Extracurricular Activities

Just like a ‘regular’ school, the Adventist GlenOaks Hospital Therapeutic Day School offers students a range of choices for extracurricular activities.

Sports: Through the Chicago Area Alternative Education League (CAAEL), students at the Adventist GlenOaks Hospital Therapeutic Day School have the same opportunities to participate in athletics as students in traditional public schools. CAAEL activities include:

  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Chess
  • Flag football
  • Soccer (grades 6-8)
  • Softball
  • Volleyball

Clubs and other activities:  A few of the extracurricular options include:

  • Art club
  • Boys group
  • Choir
  • Fishing club
  • Games club
  • Girls group
  • Performing arts 
  • Poetry group
  • Video game club
  • Career club 

This is a flexible, dynamic alternative school environment where we’re always seeking new enrichment opportunities to help our students flourish. From time to time we add new extracurricular options and therapeutic activities.  We also take field trips designed to help students overcome anxieties and gain confidence in social and community settings. For example, a trip to a restaurant might help a student learn to take charge of his or her own preferences (by selecting and ordering his or her own meal) or to feel comfortable within a crowded public setting.

Contact us today to learn more about Adventist GlenOaks Hospital Therapeutic Day School.