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Behavioral Health Services


A Center of Excellence for Compassionate Care

Adventist GlenOaks Hospital offers comprehensive, compassionate and respectful care for adults, seniors and adolescents who are experiencing emotional, psychiatric, behavioral or addiction disorders. Our dedicated team helps individuals return to their optimal functioning and move forward with family life, work, school and other activities.

Our programs aim to restore wellness, stability and independence.

Behavioral health services are provided on a centralized basis by the hospitals of Adventist Midwest Health. By pooling resources and programming, Adventist Midwest Health can offer the most robust treatment options and support programs for our patients.

If you need immediate help, call (630) 545-6160. We’re available 24/7.

Inpatient Adult Care: Adventist GlenOaks Hospital serves adults and geriatric patients who need short-term hospitalization.  Comprehensive inpatient services for adults and geriatric patients of Adventist Midwest Health System are provided within a focused unit at Adventist GlenOaks Hospital. 

Discharge Planning: Support doesn’t end when patients leave the hospital. Our discharge planning process includes recommendations for follow-up care, outpatient therapy and group support — either within the Adventist Midwest Health network or at a location close to the patient’s home.

Outpatient Services: Our outpatient services are provided through Adventist Hinsdale Hospital at our outpatient facility in nearby Westmont. These outpatient services include special programming for adults and adolescents with mental health issues. Addiction services are provided at our Day Center Program.