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How Healthy Is Your Heart? 

Do you really know the score when it comes to your heart’s health? There’s an easy way to find out with HEARTSCORE, offered at several locations throughout the western suburbs. 


  • Personal Lifestyle Analysis
  • Cholesterol Screening (including HDL and triglycerides)
  • Blood Sugar Test
  • EKG Test
  • Blood Pressure Assessment
  • Body-Fat Analysis
  • Metabolic Syndrome Screening

HEARTSCORE costs only $49 (valued at $375) and takes under an hour. Please note that fasting beforehand might be required. Please ask for details when you schedule your HEARTSCORE screening. 

HEARTSCORE screenings are by appointment only, and appointments are limited. Please call 630-856-7525 today to schedule an appointment at a convenient location near you.

Who Should Have a HEARTSCORE Screening?*

(*according to the American Heart Association)

  • All adults over age 20 should have a cholesterol screening
  • Children and adolescents of high-risk families should also have cholesterol screenings (High-risk families are those in which a parent or sibling has had a heart attack before age 55)
  • Anyone with a cholesterol level over 200 mg/dL should have the results confirmed by taking the screening again within 2 months
  • Anyone whose cholesterol level is borderline high (200-239 mg/dL) should follow-up with another screening annually

Four Reasons to Choose HEARTSCORE:

  • HEARTSCORE is not a mass screening. You will have a one-on-one, private consultation with a health care professional regarding your risk factors.
  • In addition to total cholesterol, HEARTSCORE checks HDL, LDL, triglycerides, blood sugar and more.
  • HEARTSCORE provides a body-fat analysis in addition to measuring your height and weight.
  • To pinpoint your risk factors, HEARTSCORE uses an extensive personal lifestyle analysis.

Once your tests have been analyzed, you will receive your results as a comprehensive printout that will help you understand how to lower your risk of heart disease.

HEARTSCORE screenings are by appointment only. Call 630-856-7525 today for your appointment at a convenient location near you.