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Department of Psychiatry Philosophy


Our purpose as mental health professionals in the psychiatric field is to restore the individual patient to an optimal level of functioning so that he/she can return to the family and community as a functioning member.

Because we believe that there is an inseparable link between the physical and mental components of the individual, we view the patient as a whole person. Therefore, we believe there are emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical and social needs to be met.

The aim of the activities provided within the protective environment of the hospital is the reduction of acute emotional disabilities and their physical and social manifestations.  This will improve the level of functioning by developing problem-solving abilities and communication skills necessary for re-entry into the community.

Since therapy can be defined as any interaction or activity which provides an opportunity for growth, each patient participates in group activities, regardless of his/her level of functioning.  Development of social skills is facilitated by the milieu as well as increased awareness of others’ needs.  The patient also focuses on his/her family and community and their effects on his/her state of wellness.

As health workers skilled in dealing with psychiatric patients, we believe that our approach is flexible and our program effective.  We constantly evaluate our program so that we can best meet the needs of our patients.