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Frequently Asked Questions


We want you to be informed at every step of your surgical process. Learn more about our frequently asked questions below:

My child is having surgery. What should I expect?

  • You can expect a warm, sensitive environment for your child and family.
  • You will be able to stay with your child until he or she is taken to the operating room.
  • You may rejoin your child in Same Day Surgery after the completion of the procedure. 
  • Feel free to bring a favorite toy or blanket to help comfort your child.
  • We welcome your questions at every step along your child’s surgical path.

What about eating or drinking before my procedure?

As a rule, you should not eat or drink anything after midnight before your surgery. Under some circumstances, you may be given permission by your surgeon to drink clear liquids up to a few hours before your procedure.

Will I be able to wear my dentures, glasses, contact lenses or hearing aids?

You may wear your glasses, contact lenses, hearing aid(s) and/or dentures to the hospital. However, do not use adhesive on dentures. You will be asked to remove most of these items when you are preparing for surgery in the preparation area. If you wear a hearing aid(s), ask if you should remove it before your procedure. We suggest you bring a case with you for personal items. Be sure to clearly label your case with your name.

What should I wear?

Wear loose-fitting clothes that are easy to put on and will fit over bulky bandages or surgical dressings. Leave your jewelry and valuables at home.

Should I take my usual medications?

Some medications should be taken and others should not. You will be given instructions on which medications to take and which to stop during your pre-testing appointment. If you have additional questions not answered by your HealthPAS nurse, please check with your physician.

Should I bring someone with me the day of the procedure?

The support of family and friends is important to your emotional and physical needs before and after surgery. Family and friends may wait with you in the surgery preparation area. You should also leave personal belongings with them. While you are undergoing your procedure, they will wait in the surgical care waiting area. Please make arrangements to have someone drive you home after your doctor has released you from the hospital. You cannot drive yourself home, no matter how minor you consider your procedure. Additionally, it is advised that someone stay with you overnight. Following your release from the hospital, it’s very helpful to have a friend or family member help with small tasks and daily living activities until you have recovered.

When may I return to work after my surgery?

You and your surgeon should discuss when you may return to work. Each surgery and person is different. Your return to work may also be affected by the type of work you do. If you have had anesthesia, you may not drive, return to work or school for a minimum of 24 hours to allow all anesthesia to clear from your system. You may have additional restrictions given by your surgeon.