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Nurses present findings to peers at industry conference

On May 15, five intensive care unit nurses at Adventist GlenOaks Hospital presented “Safe, Intelligent Glycemic Control In a Mixed Intensive Care Unit Utilizing EndoTool,” to 120 nurses and other health specialists.

This poster presentation occurred at the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Nursing, Institute for Health Care Innovation conference, “The Power of Evidence-Based Practice: Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Inquiry.”

Presenters were Teresa Saavedra, RN, Staff Nurse ICU; Biby Thorakkal, RN, Staff Nurse ICU; Lilia Tumolva, RN, CCRN, Staff Nurse ICU; Monica Koder, RN, ICU Manager ICU; and Susan Ford, RN, APN, CCRN, Clinical Nurse Specialist.

They focused on the evidence-based practice of the EndoTool glucose management system. Last year, Adventist Midwest Health made this system the standard of care for controlling in-patient blood glucose levels at its four suburban Chicago hospitals.

“The presentation really helped the nurses identify the connection between the evidence and the practical implications,” said Susan Ford, clinical nurse specialist. “They understand the reasons for what we’re doing, how we’re evaluating it, the results we’re seeing in our patients and how that has implications for our practice.”

In addition, the poster presentation provided the staff nurses the opportunity to not only read and understand the research behind the technology, but to effectively present it to their peers.

“It really raises your level of practice when you have to stand up in front of your peers and talk about your work,” Ford said. “To relay it, you have to have a solid understanding of what you’re communicating.”

The EndoTool is an advanced glucose management software system that operates on the hospital’s internal computer system. In critical care settings, it rapidly calculates the dose of intravenous (IV) insulin to control blood glucose levels for each individual patient, including those with whose insulin requirements vacillate.