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Meet Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital Nurse Joann Mazur

Throughout National Nurses Week, we're recognizing the fine work of the nurses who work at our hospital. Here's a chance to meet one of them, Joann Mazur.

Joann Mazur was born to be a nurse. When she was 13 years old, her mother lost a long battle with cancer. This thrust her into the role of caregiver for her father and her two younger brothers.

“What I love about teaching is the rewarding feeling I get when a staff nurse learns something that will result in better care for our patients,” Joann said. “It gives me such a sense of purpose – that the work I do is making a difference at our hospital.”

Joann earned her nursing diploma in 1982 and later returned to school, earning her BSN in 1995. She is certified in CPR and advanced cardiac life support. She is pursuing her MSN with an educator specialty and is on track to graduate this year. Her 30-year career includes experience as a staff RN in a variety of units, including critical care, medical/surgical and telemetry. 

Today she is the clinical educator for the medical/surgical/telemetry department at Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital. Although many of her duties revolve around the computer and technology, Joann is not chained to her desk or her phone. She is a very visible leader, walking the floor and serving as a resource for all of our staff nurses. “People respond to her because she’s very approachable,” one of her colleagues said.

Outside of her regular responsibilities, Mazur sits on the following committees: quality, glycemic collaborative, restraints, regional educators, pharmaceutical and therapeutic, infection control, continuous process improvement, and critical care in medicine.