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Founder’s son joins Center for Hearing Restoration and Ear Research

Hinsdale – Adventist Hinsdale Hospital is pleased to announce that Dr. R. Mark Wiet, a neurotologist, has joined the staff at its Center for Hearing Restoration and Ear Research. The cutting-edge medical center was founded 30 years ago by Wiet’s father, Dr. Richard J. Wiet.

“I’m proud to have the opportunity to join my father as well as all the dedicated medical professionals who have made the Center for Hearing Restoration and Ear Research what it is today,” Dr. Mark Wiet said. “It’s our goal to help this community resource thrive and move to the next level.”

Dr. Mark Wiet, of Burr Ridge, is a graduate of Northwestern University Medical School and an assistant professor at Rush University Medical Center. He is a board-certified otolaryngologist. His specialty interests include acoustic neuroma, otosclerosis, cholesteatoma, bone-anchored hearing aids, pediatric and adult cochlear implants, ear-related balance disorders, and pediatric and adult general otology, among other conditions.

He joins his father, a nationally recognized expert in otology, and fellow neurotologists Drs. Robert Battista and Arvind Kumar at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital’s Center for Hearing Restoration and Ear Research, 11 Salt Creek Lane, Hinsdale.

The Center offers patients and their families a comprehensive range of diagnostic services and surgical treatment for ear and hearing problems. The center is home to the largest group of neurotologists in Illinois.

“We’re all fellowship-trained, and we offer the highest possible level of care for any type of ear-related disease,” said Dr. Mark Wiet, who specializes in lateral skull-base surgery and is trained in pediatric cochlear implants.

For more information about the Center for Hearing Restoration and Ear Research, please call the physician’s referral service of Adventist Hinsdale Hospital at (630) 856-7500.