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CFO’s connections with staff earn him leadership honor
Photo caption: Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital Chief Executive Officer Rick Mace, left, presents Chief Financial Officer Mike Murrill with the Distinguished Leader Award.

Bolingbrook – When it comes to solving a problem at work, Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital Chief Financial Officer Michael Murrill works hard to understand all the different sides involved.

“For instance, if I don’t understand what’s going on in the nursing department, or I don’t listen to what they’re saying, then I’m making a lot of assumptions, and that’s when I run into mistakes,” Murrill said.

That may have been what drove Murrill to spend time working on a nursing unit once, dressing up in scrubs and working an entire shift with the nurses. It’s an example of the time the Hinsdale resident takes to form relationships with all the staff he works with at Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital.

“It was very rewarding for me,” he said. “It was an invaluable experience.”

For his work with both his own staff and others, Murrill was named the hospital’s Distinguished Leader for Interpersonal Relationships at a recent leadership meeting run by Adventist Midwest Health.

Murrill conducts himself professionally, but always has a smile on his face, said Rick Mace, chief executive officer at Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital. Even if he’s not having the best of days, Murrill always goes out of his way to stay positive with the people he works with.

“He has a way of dealing with people that makes it clear he cares about what they do, that they’re important, and at the same time holds them accountable, which is an important aspect of leadership,” Mace said.

Murrill makes sure his team succeeds every day, and offers whatever support they need to make sure they are successful, said Jolene Albaugh, chief nursing officer.

“There’s no fear in having to ask for support,” said Elizabeth Winter, the hospital’s patient access director. “There’s no fear in having to say that you made a mistake and you need help. Mike offers help right from the get-go.”

Connecting with the people around him helps Murrill do his job better, he said. It’s not really something he goes out of his way to do. Rather, it’s a natural component of his personality.

“It’s real important for me to know the people that work for me, not just have them function on their own without having a connection with me,” he said. “I place a lot of value on the personal connection. For me, it’s just something that almost feels like it’s innate.”

Still, the honor surprised Murrill, who has worked at Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital for the past two years. Prior to that, he spent three years at Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital.

In all, Murrill has spent 11 years working in health care finance. He enjoys the operational component of the work he does. And being in finance administration, he has an overall look at the hospital’s operation that many people never have a chance to experience.

“My interaction with the clinical side as well as the operational side, I enjoy that piece of my job very much,” Murrill said. “That overall perspective doesn’t always happen all the time from a health care standpoint, and that’s why I like what I do.”

For more on Murrill, check out his award video.


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