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Bolingbrook Employee Spearheads Electronic Record-Keeping Project
Caption: (L to R) Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital's Director of Health Management, Rosalyn Johnson, and Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital's CEO, Rick Mace.

Bolingbrook- This year has been a year of change for Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital.


Patient record keeping has moved a step closer to being paperless through the implementation of computerized physician order entry, or CPOE. The new process allows physicians and other providers to enter orders directly into the patient’s online records, eliminating paper trails and reducing errors.


The hospital also switched from scanning paper documents after discharge, to near-time scanning while the patient is still in the hospital. This allows physicians and other caregivers to access the latest patient information any time during the patient’s hospital stay. 


As Director of Health Information Management, Rosalyn Johnson has been at the heart of these crucial initiatives. To honor her leadership, Johnson was one of five employees recognized with Adventist Midwest Health’s Pillar Award at a recent leadership conference.


“Electronic record-keeping helps improve patient care to a level of quality never achieved in health care,” Johnson said. “It also improves the accuracy of charges for reimbursement.”


But just as she is quick to credit her team when recognized, Johnson doesn’t rest on the laurels of one or two projects, despite their scope.


“To me, it’s not about the projects we work on,” Johnson said. “It’s about the big picture of leadership and the results we achieve as a team. The most important aspect of leadership is hiring people who want to be here, people who know the importance of their work, people who want to contribute.”


Johnson has been in her position since 2007 and since then her staff has increased from 14 to 22 employees.


“I’m available to my staff at all times,” Johnson said. “I want to empower them to achieve their daily goals and they know that I will stand by them and behind them.”


“Rosalyn is truly a person of character and integrity and it is an honor to have her as part of our Adventist Bolingbrook team,” said Michael Murrill, vice president and chief financial officer of Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital. She and her team are focused on being their best.”


A Naperville resident, Johnson is a long-time member of the Straford Memorial Seventh Day Adventist Church in Chicago. It is a spiritual community in which she provides leadership, and from which she draws her strength.


“I try to operate off of Biblical principles – treating people with respect and genuine concern for their needs,” said Johnson. “Every morning I face each day unsure of what the day will bring. But my faith provides an added level of patience, understanding, and wisdom for any challenge.”


Johnson graduated from Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, Calif., with a concentration in medical records administration. A third-generation Seventh Day Adventist, Johnson was raised in Denver, and attended Oakwood University in Huntsville, Ala.


After completing her studies, Johnson worked at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital for 10 years, eight years as director of medical records. She then worked at the University of Chicago for 16 years before returning to Adventist Midwest Health in 2007 to join the team that opened Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital.


“It was like coming back home,” she said.


Her children are following in the family’s academic traditions. Johnson’s daughter attends Oakwood University, as her son did prior to joining the Air Force. He is currently serving in South Korea.



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Media contact: Trish Reynaert, public relations specialist, Adventist Midwest Health,; 630-856-2354