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Your Medical Team


As an Executive Health Program patient, you tap into the experience and expertise of an extensive top-notch medical team. Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital is home to some of the nation’s most respected doctors who use the most advanced medical technologies. Should you need further testing or medical procedures, we will set up appointments with the necessary specialists.

Executive Health Program Specialists

Internal Medicine Doctor or Internist

A doctor who practices preventive medicine and treats common ailments is family practitioner. During your Executive Health appointment, you will work primarily with one of our board certified internal medicine doctors. Your Executive Health doctor spends a full 60 minutes with you, giving you an opportunity to ask any questions, go over the results of your tests and develop a personalized health plan.


 The Executive Health Coordinator will schedule all appointments associated with your visit, work with you to obtain your medical records, arrange pre-exam discussions as appropriate and coordinate with your family physician. The coordinator can also provide accommodation and transportation information to our out-of-town guests.


The Executive Health escort greets you at the front door upon your arrival and personally accompanies you to all of your appointments throughout the day.


A health care professional who is in charge of gathering your important vital signs and beginning your lab work. All Executive Health nurses are registered with the state of Illinois.

Medical Assistant

A health care worker who performs the administrative and clinical tasks that manage patient flow for the health practitioners.

Nutritionist or Registered Dietitian

A professional trained to prevent and treat disease through the use of individual nutrients found in food and supplements. The Executive Health nutritionist is a registered dietitian with extensive and ongoing training related to food and nutrition.


A licensed health professionals who practices the science of pharmacy. In their traditional role, pharmacists typically take a request for medicines from a prescribing health care provider in the form of a medical prescription and dispense the medication to the patient and counsel them on the proper use and adverse effects of that medication. In this role, pharmacists ensure the safe and effective use of medications.