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Diabetes Management


The CREATION Health Center’s Diabetes Management Clinic is here to help our community live a healthy life with diabetes. Regardless of whether you are newly diagnosed with diabetes or have had it for a long time, our educational program is designed to fit your personal need.

Controlling diabetes is a team effort. So, here at the center we work closely with your primary care doctor to come up with your educational needs. Other members of the team include a diabetes nurse clinician, registered dietitian and support specialist.

Our classes are offered in individual or class sessions. An enrollment form from your physician is required.

Group education is provided over 3 classes.

Class 1

Introduction into the CREATION Health Model and review if your individual health history. Everyone will receive a blood glucose meter and education on how to use their meter. We will also educate you on what your target blood sugar should be and how to log them correctly.

Class 2

You will learn about the benefits of activity. We will also educate you on the importance of carbohydrate counting and label reading.

Class 3

At the beginning of this class, our educators will go over medication and treatment plan. In this class we will also educate you on possible chronic complications of diabetes and best prevention techniques.

At the end of this class we will make sure that we have meant all of your program goals. If you need further education individual appointments may be scheduled with the diabetes nurse or dietitian.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please call 630-312-2266.

If you do not have a physician please call the Adventist Bolingbrook physician referral service at 630-856-7500.