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Know Your Heart Age

It’s never too late to be proactive about your heart health. Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital invites you take a 5 minute test to learn your risk for heart disease.

Know your Heart Age

Is your heart 10 years older than you? Take our quiz and find out:

  • Compare your actual age to your heart's biological age Calculate your 10-year risk of developing cardiovascular disease
  • If you are younger than 60, you will also learn your 30-year risk of CVD
  • Prioritize your most harmful cardiovascular risk factors
  • Learn which risk factors you can change by talking with your doctor
  • Easily make an appointment if you are at risk

Click here to Learn Your Heart Age

When you are finished, print and share your Result Report with your doctor.

If you are concerned about your risk of heart disease, please contact Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital for a physician at 630-856-7525.