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What Will My Insurance Cover?


Is the Surgery Covered by Insurance?

Most medical insurance plans do cover the procedure. We will assist you in obtaining the required insurance authorization and clearances.

How Can they Deny Coverage?

Coverage can be denied if there is a specific exclusion in your policy for the surgical treatment of obesity. Coverage can also be denied due to “lack of medical necessity.” This usually means the insurance company is looking for some form of documentation of past and failed alternative medical treatments, such as physician supervised dieting, medication, exercise, or behavior modification.

How Long Does it Take to Get Insurance Approval?

From the time of your initial consultation, it usually takes about 7 business days to send a letter of medical necessity to your insurance carrier. Insurance carrier response is typically 3 to 4 weeks.

Can I Apply for Financing for Bariatric Surgery?

Yes. Please contact our insurance specialist to review your options at (630) 312-2263

Can I Pay Cash for the Procedure?

Yes, cash arrangements as well as financing options can be arranged by our office.