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Vagal Blocking Therapy (vBloc™)

The Procedure

Vagal blocking therapy (vBloc) with the Maestro System is the first of its kind in the field of weight loss therapies. It was the first implantable device approved by the FDA for weight loss in over a decade. It offers an exciting opportunity for losing weight without invasive cutting, stapling or rerouting of normal anatomy.

Your brain and gastrointestinal system are in communication with each other, primarily via the vagus nerve, to coordinate hunger, appetite, satiety, and digestion. During the vBloc procedure two small c-shaped electrodes are placed on the vagus nerve located on the upper portion of the stomach. The wires are then connected to the Maestro System which will sit just below the surface of your skin. Once connected and turned on, the pacemaker-like device, sends electrical signals on and off throughout the day, blocking the signals for hunger and appetite from reaching the brain. The result is you feel fuller longer and lose weight without battling hunger all day.

How It Works

  • Targets the source of hunger by “blocking” signals for hunger and appetite from reaching the brain
  • Slows down the rate at which foods empties from the stomach, leaving you feeling fuller longer


  • 17 - 24.4% excess weight loss 12 months after implantation
  • Ability to tolerate a wide range of foods
  • No cutting, stapling or re-routing of your gastrointestinal tract
  • Reversible, can be turned off or removed at any time
  • Same day surgical procedure

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Image used with permission of Enteromedics, Inc.